3D Print DIY Yor Thorn Princess Earrings

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Are you a strong independent assassin with a 3D printer of your own and you don't need the Shopkeeper to bother making your weapons - I mean, accessories for you? Then here's the 3D print file for you! 

These earrings have been meticulously modeled to match the distinct earrings of Yor Forger, and sized to match in length to the scale in the original drawings. The attention to detail is precise and we bet you would find it difficult to find a model more accurate in size and shape than this.

This 3D file is compatible with most 3D printing software. The item is printed in two pieces, and is designed for the hoop attachment peg to fit into the primary earring piece. If using a resin printer we recommend fitting the two pieces together prior to curing. Once printed please remember to paint with primer before painting. 

This file is for personal, non-commercial use only, please do not use this file to create items for individual sale. By purchasing this file you agree not to reproduce this item for sale or share this file. If you would like to inquire about purchasing with sale reproduction rights please email us at askcosplaysenpai@gmail.com.

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