Whitley/Rosa tee - Pokemon Black2/White2 Cosplay

Whitley/Rosa tee - Pokemon Black2/White2 Cosplay

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Rosa's raglan t-shirt from Pokemon White2/Black2 makes a great addition to a wardrobe. It can be worn as a costume piece, OR as a subtle nod to the fandom! It is also the design worn by Whi-two in the Pokemon Special/Pokemon Adventures manga.

The design on these shirts is applied with a professional-grade heat-set vinyl. The shirts are individually made in-house. Sizes are in standard female fitted tee sizes. The width (under armpit)/height of the shirts are:

S - 14" wide, 24" long
M - 17" wide, 25" long
L - 19.5" wide, 25" long
XL - 22" wide, 26" long

These are unstretched measurements. The shirts stretch out several inches.

Sugimori and manga artwork shown for reference only.

These shirts are made with heat-set vinyl. The design will last indefinitely if cared for properly - tumble dry low, and iron on reverse when needed!

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