Red Paladin OR Blue Paladin Jacket

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These jackets are perfect for piloting through space, or lounging around a castle.  Each is individually handmade to the buyer's size. Thick, four-way stretch knits make the jacket super comfortable and stretchy, while heavy enough to keep its shape.

Please provide the following measurements when purchasing:
Sleeve Length
Jacket Length
Neck Circumference
Bicep Circumference
Wrist Circumference

Sleeve Length is measured from the point of shoulder to the desired length of the sleeve
Jacket Length is measured from the back of the neck to the desired length of the jacket

The placket in the front is designed according to the original artwork, and does not contain a zipper. The jacket is hard-wearing, but should be hand-washed. Because of the hand-made nature of this jacket, we cannot accept returns due to faulty measurements. Please measure carefully. 

Cosplay Models/Photography @ottertalestudios

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