Super Sailor Scout Choker (any color)

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After their "super" upgrade, the planetary senshi sport these stylish chokers with gold stars front and center. This is the easiest way to tell a Sailor Scout from a Super Sailor Scout!

These chokers are satin ribbon, designed to lay flat on the neck. They are held together in the back by a tiny safety pin (included). The star is an iron-on embroidered applique that has been fused to the fabric. The item can be ironed without causing damage. The edges of the ribbon have been sealed to prevent fraying

I've worn mine several times, they are very durable and VERY accuate in comparison to the anime.

The choker will be made for the character of your choice. The key to a good cosplay is in the details and accessories!

Shown are all 8 super senshi chokers in order -- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto! Sailor Moon's choker is also shown - all versions of Sailor Moon and Sailor ChibiMoon are available at this link:

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