Space Caterpillar

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Season 2's trash dump planet is populated by the most adorable little space caterpillars you've ever seen! All 4 colors shown in Pidge's adventures are available.

The pattern and embroidery files were drafted by hand, and each plush is made of super-soft fur with thread and applique vinyl detailing on the face and tum. The terrycloth tummy is flat, so they will stay upright and are stackable! Eight tiny felt feet stick out from the sides, and a sqeaker inside gives them a lot of character! Fur texture may vary by color, but all will be cuddly soft and fluffy.

This listing is for one 8" long plush, in whatever color the buyer selects.

Perfect as gifts for your favorite Pidge cosplayer (even if it's yourself!)

If you select "set of 4" you will be sent one each of the pink, blue, yellow, and green designs. If you select "random" you will receive one of these colors, but you will not know which you will receive until it arrives in the mail.

If you select the "Scrungus" option, prepare yourself. It is a mutant caterpillar that dines on other plushies for sustenance. You have been warned.


Q: Can I give this to my dog/child/pet alien?
A: As long as they won't swallow them and don't have any allergies to fabric or fleece stuffing, sure. They will stand up to quite a lot of playtime!

Q: Can I get one without a squeaker?
A: Sure, just leave a note when ordering!

Q: Can I get a custom color/design?
A: Yes, but message me first so I can check pricing for extra supplies.

Q: Can you make one with glowing cheeks?
A: Working on it.

A: Yes, but only if you can pick him up in the East Tennessee area. You don't want to know how much it would cost to ship him. He's $100 and his name is Lorge George.

Q: Wait, you have an instagram?
A: Yes! It's @askcosplaysenpai. It's an easy way to check out some of my custom work and current projects. But if you have questions about an order, please direct them to my email instead of instagram

Q: Can I buy the pattern?
A: Yes! As soon as I get the instructions written up. Message me if interested.

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