Dawn/Platnium Hat

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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Cosplay

This fleece hat matches the design of Dawn in the Pokemon Anime and Generation IV games, and that of Lady Platinum Berlitz in the Pokemon Adventures manga.. It has a pink pokeball emblem in front as well as two sets of accent lines on the brim, finished off by a single rounded spike in the back. These are made of soft, stretchy fleece and will fit most anyone.

The Diamond/Pearl design and Platinum design vary slightly, with Diamond/Pearl being solid white and Platinum being a warm, off-white color that matches the accompanying scarf. They are indistinguishable in photos, but make a huge difference when worn with the correct scarf!

These hats are sturdy and are made to be used. They will hold their shape and stand up to daily wear! Spot clean only, as colors may run in the wash. Dryer-safe on low heat (though you may need a lint brush when it's done!) All hats are hand-sewn, and each pokeball is embroidered individually in-house.

Platinum image and Dawn image shown for reference only. Hat will be shipped in a bubble-lined envelope with tracking.

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