Bond Dog Cosplay Set

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BORF! Who's the best boy? Bond is the best boy! You too can be the best with this adorable set, perfect for cosplaying the beloved Precog Spy Dog of the Forger family. Just finish with a white sweater, shirt or jacket and you're ready to go on amazing adventures, like attending a con with your found family of friends! I'm certain not a single one of them is a spy or assassin either...

This set includes a set of faux-fur white ears on a metal headband, a black satin clip-on bowtie, and a pair of gloves to mimic Bond's signature black paws and white claws. The gloves have touch screen compatible fingertips on the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of each hand, and are designed for Bond's claws to be positioned when you curl up your fingers to make picture-perfect paws!

Screen cap attached for reference only.

Modeled by the charming @Porkcutlett

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