9-Bead Annabeth Camp Half-Blood Bead Necklace
9-Bead Annabeth Camp Half-Blood Bead Necklace
9-Bead Annabeth Camp Half-Blood Bead Necklace

9-Bead Annabeth Camp Half-Blood Bead Necklace

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In Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, campers are given one bead at the end of the summer to add to their camp necklace. This bead commemorates the most important event to impact the half-blood world during the previous year. This necklace holds all nine beads belonging to Annabeth Chase at the end of the series. She'd already been at camp for five years before Percy came along, so she has five that he is missing:

Bead 1: Thalia's pine tree atop Half-Blood Hill on a white field. Honors Thalia's sacrifice for giving her life when saving her friends Annabeth and Luke on their way into Camp Half-Blood. (mentioned in book 1)

Bead 2: A Centaur in a prom dress on an orange field. Chiron wouldn't tell us what this one was about. The assumption is that his Party Pony brethren came to visit and he had one too many of Dionysus' "Diet Cokes". (mentioned in book 1)

Bead 3: A Greek Trireme on Fire on a lake blue field. A lake exercise gone wrong. (mentioned in book 1)

Bead 4: Winged sneakers on an oracle-smoke green field. Luke is sent on a quest by the Oracle and is given winged sneakers as a gift from his father. (not mentioned in the series - artist's interpretation)

Bead 5: Silver arrow on a navy field. The hunters of Artemis stay at camp for the summer, and as they reign supreme once again in Capture the Flag, they are allowed to design the bead. (not mentioned in the series - artist's interpretation)

The other beads are the ones that Annabeth has received since Percy joined up at Camp.

Bead 1: A green trident on a black field. Commemorates Percy being claimed by his father Poseidon, and his subsequent trip into the underworld. (Book 1, The Lightning Thief)

Bead 2: A golden ram’s fleece on an ocean blue field. Celebrates the journey over the sea to recover the golden fleece from a Cyclops. (Book 2, The Sea of Monsters)

Bead 3: Daedalus’s labyrinth, in Grecian pottery style. Chronicles the half-bloods’ journey through the labyrinth. (Book 4, The Battle of the Labyrinth)

Bead 4: The Empire State Building, surrounded by Greek letters on a sky-blue field. Mourns the loss of all the half-bloods that died at the battle in New York. (Book 5, The Last Olympian)

To clarify, there is no bead for Book 3 (the Titan’s Curse) since it is the only book that takes place in the winter, and campers receive their beads at the end of summer. Also, the lettering around bead 4 should be camper’s names, but space constraints forced the issue, and Greek letters were used instead. This necklace was complimented by Mr. Riordan himself at a book signing!

The beads are strung on a leather cord with a lobster clasp fastener. The color of the cord is your choice, but it is described as black in the books. Each bead is hand-painted, so there may be slight variations in the images, but all should look very, very close to the picture provided. All images are repeated around the other side of the bead. Default length is 19", but if you would like the necklace longer or shorter, please let me know in the order comments.

Each bead is painted with a gloss to prevent paint chipping, but may not be waterproof.

Necklace fastenings are hypo-allergenic but add-ons may contain base metals.